Successful Local Business Marketing

Sussex Local Business Marketing

Successful Local Business Marketing
This article kick starts a new series of blog posts we will be making over the coming weeks on the subject of successful local business marketing. These posts will be an informative combination and mix of the Who; What; When; Where; and Why, tips, tools and resources you can utilise, and examples of companies who have won the battle locally.

We will deliver articles based around particular subjects and topics of interests. We will detail the benefits and pitfalls of each of the local marketing tools and resources you can employ to drive your business forward in the community. In addition, if you need to know what the next BIG thing is in local business marketing or wish to stay ahead of the key trends, then you will find all you need to know here!

The direction of the local marketing industry is constantly changing and shifting. For example the local marketing space covering social, mobile and local (SoMoLo) has seen phenomenal growth. As the ground constantly moves under the feet of often small, local business owners – don’t get caught out and leave yourself asking yourself the question – “what do I do next?” Leave that to the competition! Check back regularly for articles, opinion and comment on how to get the most out:

• Local Digital Marketing
Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
• Google Places/Maps
Social Media for Local Businesses
• Mobile Marketing
Local Networking
• Content Marketing
Exhibition Marketing
• Press and Printed Media
Local Radio and TV Advertising

We also plan to write a number of highly informative posts which focus on specific industries and sectors. We have A LOT of relevant, industry specific experience and knowledge in the eapb office which we can bring to the table. We would be delighted to share this with our website visitors, giving OUR readers a competitive edge over their competition. Check back regularly to find out if we have covered your particular niche.

In the interests of practising what we often preach to our clients – we are going to be as interactive with our readers as possible. To this end we are open to suggestions for the subject matter and industry focus of future posts! Please feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook and we will take up the baton and help you take your business to the next level – dominating your competitors in the process.

Ultimately the aim and objective of this new series is to help drive more enquiries through YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS – without the need for expensive marketing strategies. Our unique set of combined expertise can help you reduce your local marketing costs while at the same time improving the local visibility, response and conversion rate of your business/website.

eapb Marketing Consultancy, March 2014