Print Advertising

Print Advertising

Even today, with the advent of online marketing in all its various guises, print advertising still plays a vital role in the success of many businesses.

Can Yellow Pages, BT Phonebook, Thomson Local, local newspaper, or magazine advertising work for your business?

Print advertising when properly utilised can play an important role in the success of your business. But remember in some instances you will be ‘locked-in’ for a year. So invest the time to get it right. Don’t waste the opportunity!

Independent research still indicates a direct link between the size/positioning of printed advertisements and the response they achieve. Does this mean you must have the largest ad to be successful? The answer is no – it may be that larger is better, or it may prove that a smaller ad whilst generating fewer responses could in fact give a better conversion rate, making it more profitable.

Remember, cost is not the issue…. It’s your return on print investment (ROPI).

We offer a free, no obligation consultation and business review to anyone wanting to know more about our print advertising consultancy services. We’d be delighted to talk you through the entire process, covering everything in plain and simple English. Contact us today!

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