Two Opinions on SEO


Below is my response to feedback received on LinkedIn. The discussion was prompted from my article on SEO published by Real Business magazine. I have published my comments below:

Hi Richard

Thank you for the feedback. Apologies for the slower than normal response as I’ve been away on business.

It’s not a case of agreeing to disagree, in fact quite the opposite. The opinions you express about ‘SEO’ are valid. They are however outmoded and too myopic.

The best digital marketing agencies have not focused on ‘chasing Google’s next move’ for a number of years. Instead (as per the latter part of my article) online marketing tactics and thinking is driven by sound practices that make a great deal of sense irrespective of wrapping them up in the term ‘SEO’. For example:

1. Marketing by conversations
2. Authorship and trusted publisher status online
3. Well constructed website architecture; content; usability; and navigation – designed for the human not the search engine.

The above (and others) are sound strategies and principles that deliver clarity of thought and presentation for a business online. The fact that there is a very good chance they may deliver increased numbers of search engine visitors to a company website is simply a REAL bonus.

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