Beware: Guaranteed SEO Results


Guaranteed SEO Results

Beware: Guaranteed SEO Results.

Beware: Guaranteed SEO results
Whilst the question “Do you guarantee your SEO results” comes up far less often now from prospective clients, it is worth reiterating the following:

Q. Do you give any guarantees with the SEO results?
A. No. (Nobody can guarantee ‘SEO results’ in the Google/Bing index. Anybody who tells you they can is lying).

Analogy: Let’s say you were a top middle distance athletics coach. If I was a top athlete (let’s say number 1 in the UK over 800m) and came to you for my training and asked you if ‘you could guarantee getting me picked on the team for the World Athletic Championships’?

A. You couldn’t guarantee that. Simply because you don’t pick the team. Likewise, we don’t pick the Google results. However, what I am sure you would guarantee for your athlete/client is to do the training/work (to the best of your knowledge and ability) that will enable them to have the best shot at making the GB team!

What eapb does guarantee is to do the work that our clients are paying us for, to achieve the agreed objectives. We always provide a monthly Statement of Works, evidencing the work completed; utilise a statistical counter to enable you to see the website traffic numbers; and regular client visits during the business agreement.

Promised Guaranteed SEO results: Don’t go there!

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