E-Commerce SEO

To establish a successful online store you need to maximise your online visibility, and (store) conversion rate. E-commerce SEO seeks to maximise the visibility of your online shop pages and products in the leading search engines.

eapb are SEO experts. Under the leadership of SEO expert Paul Brewster we can advise and guide you through the ethical search engine optimisation practices which will help to get your Internet store noticed and most importantly found!

Initially we will consult with you about the look, feel and presentation of your online store.  This approach has it’s foundations in ‘frictionless e-commerce‘. There is little point of effective e-commerce SEO driving many visitors to your store if the searcher has to jump through hoops just to make an online purchase.

E-commerce has come a very long way since the late nineties when Amazon first filed a patent for 1-Click, which enabled registered users to make a purchase with a single click. What makes eapb stand out is that we can bring a very talented and experienced team of both SEO and e-commerce professionals to each individual client project.

We believe our internal company structure enables each project to deliver the maximum return on marketing investment (ROMI). In fact, we go further ensuring that your most important, specific store pages and products, are tailored to their ideal structure for maximum search engine visibility, sales and conversions.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation and business review to anyone wanting to know more about our e-commerce SEO services.  Contact us today –  we’d be delighted to help! We are a Crawley, West Sussex based, results-driven company.

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