Frictionless E-Commerce

Frictionless E-Commerce

Make sure your business succeeds at e-commerce. If you are involved in selling online then it is recommended that your e-commerce web pages are as concise as possible. Try and keep the whole shopping process as simple and fast as possible. Make it a goal to take steps OUT of the checkout stage – creating ‘frictionless e-commerce.

The customer should be able to come in, find what he or she wants, buy it and be done in just a couple of minutes. Ordering online should be a SNAP! One of the greatest exponents of frictionless shopping is Amazon. Way back in 1997, Amazon filed a patent application for 1-Click, which lets registered customers buy with just a single click of the mouse.

The execution of your e-commerce website is key. The presentation of your pages and products should be clear, concise, and unfussy. Maximise the freedom to browse among the alternative selections and highlight the opportunities to purchase your current best sellers.

Follow up the customer purchase instantly with an e-mail message confirming all the previously mentioned (order) details. Where appropriate, alert the customer by e-mail when his or her order has been shipped.

Frictionless e-commerce is about exceeding the expectations of your shoppers. It is NOT about fancy graphics or having the lowest prices on the web. Do not create unnecessary friction by forcing your customers to jump through hoops or go around in circles, chasing their tail to make a purchase! In the perfect online retail experience of the near future, less will indeed be more.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation and business review to anyone wanting to know more about our frictionless e-commerce services. We’d be delighted to conduct a review of your online strategy, and talk you through the entire process, covering everything in plain and simple English. Contact us today! We are a Crawley, West Sussex based, results-driven company.

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