We are a full service marketing consultancy with a sharp focus online.

Our e-commerce agency services are primarily targeted at SME's throughout the UK. In particular, we have a growing reputation with clients based in the London and Brighton areas.

We create engaging e-commerce and marketing experiences for many different types of company, in many different sectors, B2B and B2C.

We believe in a close working partnership with all our customers, enabling each client to understand and appreciate the rationale behind each e-commerce recommendation and decision.  Of particular note is our expertise in the following areas:

E-Commerce SEO

Maximise profit from your website with customer-centric e-commerce SEO. We work hard to ensure that your online store receives the best quality search engine leads and conversions from prospects visiting your site.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Traditionally the preserve of big business with large budgets, eapb specialise in bringing conversion rate optimisation (CRO) expertise to small and medium sized businesses. Our client base is a mixture of companies operating across a wide variety of different sectors, and industries.

Frictionless E-Commerce

An area in which we have particular knowledge is frictionless e-commerce. If you are involved in selling online then it is recommended that your e-commerce web pages are as concise as possible. Try and keep the whole shopping process as simple and fast as possible. Make it a goal to take steps OUT of the checkout stage.

If you are looking for an experienced e-commerce agency who are dedicated, professional, and creative – eapb can help you with every aspect of your business marketing.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation and business review to anyone wanting to know more about our services. Maybe your business currently faces one or a combination of the following scenarios – if so then we’d be delighted to help!:

Outgrown your current ecommerce system.
Looking to move your established brand online.
Integrate your ecommerce solution with your back-office system.
Improve our online visibility/profile.

Drive the conversion rates of your online store.
Dive into the potential of mobile commerce.
Engage with social media – set-up a Facebook store.

For a FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION and business review please get in touch to know more about our services.

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