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Apps for business

The leading digital agency in Sussex we design, develop and deploy savvy tools to help your business get ahead of the competition. By making your connected and visible, and of course delivering a seamless and pleasurable user experience, eapb’s apps for business will bring you success across all the major mobile and tablet platforms.


Whether you’ve outgrown your current e-commerce system or want to take your first steps in e-commerce, eapb can help you to deliver significant return on investment. Led by Paul Brewster our dedicated, professional and creative team create and deliver engaging e-commerce experiences for all kinds of companies.

Mobile marketing

Around 60% of internet usage now takes place on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. That means that unless your business has a mobile-friendly website, you’re likely to lose out to the competition. Find out how we can deliver you an effective mobile website and aligned mobile marketing strategy.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

eapb digital agency in Sussex will help you to plan, develop and execute a strong paid search campaign that will deliver excellent return on investment. From undertaking comprehensive keyword research through to continually monitoring performance and refining strategy, you can be confident our Pay-Per-click (PPC) campaigns will work as hard as possible for you and your business.

Search engine marketing

The world of online marketing constantly changes, evolves and develops, so it’s vital your search engine marketing strategy keeps up with the latest digital and mobile trends. eapb can help your business to stay ahead of the competition by continually refining your search engine marketing strategy, with campaigns that are bespoke to your goals, objectives and business priorities.

Social media

Social networking tools such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter can be excellent ways of reaching a wider audience. The tools of social media enable businesses to interact and have conversations with their target audience. We can help you get your social media marketing right, enabling your business to interact with potential customers in a way no advertisement could ever achieve.


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is often seen as a mysterious and dark art. But it’s simply a toolkit of ways to improve your website’s rankings in search engine results, which can help drive traffic and increase customer contacts and conversions.

True success in search engine optimisation lies in keeping ahead of the curve. SEO is a discipline that’s continually evolving and developing, which means it’s vital that your London SEO agency is able to keep ahead of changes in the field and refine your strategy appropriately. Under the leadership of SEO expert Paul Brewster eapb have an enviable track record of designing, implementing and delivering successful SEO strategies for all kinds of Sussex based businesses.

We know there are many strands to getting SEO right. It starts from the initial website build, covering everything from information architecture to the technical elements such as meta tags. But now your website’s content is more important than ever before to good SEO – gone are the days where articles stuffed with keywords would do the trick. Now you need to make sure you’re delivering great content that users are interacting with and sharing.

At eapb Digital Agency in Sussex, we’ll pull together all the strands of a successful SEO campaign to deliver a strategy that’s bespoke to your needs and aspirations, and will drive your website as far up the search engine rankings as you wish to go.

‘Thank you once again. Turnover for 2016 is up 33% year on year and labour sales are up 22%. Our expectations have been exceeded!’

Paul Swinburne


‘eapb has delivered excellent Google rankings and social media profile for my company. We would highly recommend eapb digital agency’.

Andy Faulkner


‘Excellent!! We have been using eapb to do our SEO and social media marketing. Very satisfied with the professional service’.

Paul Tribouillard

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