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Yell.com Online Business Reviews

Yell.com Business Reviews – Genuine or Not?!
Before we begin – we’re really not a fan of the new name hibu! So for the purpose of this article we’ll continue to refer to Yell.com as Yell.com!!

We have seen a number of local businesses who pay to advertise their business on Yell.com. All well and good, as the usage of Yell.com although a lot less than in previous years is still a marketing investment worth considering (no high pressure salespeople visiting though – please Yell.com).

In addition, it is good practice for companies to take full advantage of the various online review destinations. We have businesses such as Freeindex, touchlocal, Google+ and Checkatrade to name just four of the most prominent. Note. Some are free to list for businesses, some you have to pay!

However, to get back to the online business reviews on Yell.com. Imagine the scenario:

You have invested a hefty 4 figure sum in advertising your business on Yell.com, possibly taking out a sponsored listing at the top of a Yell.com results page relevant to your business. Your advert displays prominently when potential customers are looking for what you do in your target area.

Great…. But wait, what’s this. You see 1 yellow star highlighted, out of a possible 5 stars. You click through and read a damming review of your business, telling all and sundry to ‘NEVER USE THIS BUSINESS’! Your eyes cast around for the author of this comment. It’s there – you dont’ recognise the name? You go through your customer records and – nothing.

You ask yourself. Is this a genuine review of your business from a dissatisfied customer, or is it a blatantly defamatory review by your nearest competitor??!! Who is monitoring these reviews???

The moral of this story: If your paying top dollar on Yell.com for top listings – check your customer reviews – regularly.